Loeries 2017: What To Look Forward To

In its third consecutive year in Durban, the Loeries Creative week is upon us. The Loeries have to be the biggest event and gathering in the advertising and creative industry in SA, where the best of the best come together for a week of fun, inspiration and to see who will walk away with the prestigious bird in the industry.

Although the Loeries are centered around the two awards nights, there’s more to it and not only for ad agencies. The creative week has a full program that also allows creatives who are looking to learn and be inspired by creative giants from all over the world. We break down the creative week, below and how you can also be a part of it. The Loeries week begins August 14th and ends on the 21st.

Loeries MasterClasses

The Loeries MasterClasses are driven by industry leaders and experts in their field. These are creative sessions that are open to the general public, welcoming emerging small businesses, junior creatives, to sit in on amazing discussions hosted by creative giants from all over the world. These are actually really awesome for local creatives to pick up some great knowledge and skills and my favourite ones on the program has to be the Google and the Goliath Sessions. These are only R150 per session and full program can be viewed on their website.

DStv Seminar of Creativity

The DStv Seminar has a great long day line up with the best international thought leaders from the best agencies and brands. This year the list consists of Unilever CEO, Director of Google and Head of Creative Shop at Facebook, just to name a few. Although a bit pricier then the masterclasses, definitely worth it should you get the ticket.

Loeries Fringe Festival

For the first time this year, local creatives and business owners are encouraged to host events whether in music, food, comedy, arts & crafts, that will inspire everyone during Creative Week. More information can be found on the Between 10 and 5 website.

I Heart Loeries Market

As Durbanite’s we are already familiar with the I Heart Market, but the Loeries edition has a different venue, much bigger vibe and atmosphere. The market is on a Sunday from 9:00 am to 14:30 pm at the Bay Lawns at the Beach Promenade. Entry is free but be sure to bring your coins to experience the best in local food and to shop unique craft.

DStv Beach Cafe

Should you be looking to network and make relevant connections, the beach cafe is the perfect place to do so. This is where everyone will be hanging out in between the programme!

I’ve just listed the events that I feel anyone can be a part of it and still experience and learn from this great week-long event. Should you be interested to attend more of the program, they do offer packages that give you access to one or more of the events and should you be a student you can also get packages catered to you.

We look forward to Durbanite’s using this opportunity to get involved and interact with what will be happening one way or another.

Images courtesy of – The Loeries website

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