Plan B Dessertery

plan b dessertery

We paid the most instagrammed place in Durban at the moment a visit this past week and we really had a treat! If you have a sweet tooth, love waffles and a Churro fan, Plan B Dessertery is going to be your favorite go to.

Plan B Dessertery, located in Durban North is a desert bar that is straight out of all your nostalgic food fantasies. Every treat is unique and will help you escape from all your daily stresses. It is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself, a friend or even your boss. No one can resist their delectables, especially since their varied flavours suit different taste-buds.


We were welcomed with friendly faces and spent a good few minutes trying to decide what to get off their menu as everything sounded so DELICIOUS!  Their menu offers your usual ice cream flavours, but the best items on their menu has to be their bubble waffles that are filled with your favorite sweet treats, from strawberries to oreos

Everything at Plan B Dessertery is far from ordinary, no treat is similar to the next either. Nor is it like anything you’ve tasted before. Their desert bar is simply a world of diversity. If you haven’t been, we highly suggested you pay them a visit and don’t forget to snap a picture to get your followers asking where in the world is this!

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