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SketchIN is a figure drawing and concept developing class; this brainchild of a collective of female creative’s provides a place to sketch with likeminded people, a safe space purely built for Durban visual art lovers by visual art lovers. Their objective is to bring together aspiring visual artists and prominent visual artists to create, discuss, grow and further expand the visual art community in Durban.


Each session has a model or models for the figure drawing class. Then a critique and concept developing discussion on the session’s featured artist’s work. Each session they feature a different artist and their art piece will be in discussion.

For their 1st class they had a live semi-nude model for the sketching session & concept developing discussion around the screening of “BHODLA”, an 89 second film piece by Selloane Moeti.


Their next session which will be held on the 31st August, which will be hosted by Amasosha Art Movement, who are a collective of young emerging artists in our city. They are currently the talk of the art industry across the country. They will be discussing how the collective was formed, the purpose and their conceptual growth.


SketchIN will provide a space where artist can vent, discuss & possibly come to break the stereotype on how visual art can be sustainable in the city. This platform is built for visual artist to engage & grow.

SketchIN happens every last Thursday of every second month.

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