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In an age where no one wants to show up to an event, concert or even a friends birthday shindig wearing the same ensemble as someone else the desire to have unique items in one’s closet has definitely heightened henve finding a store which caters for such exclusivity right in our back yard is truly amazing.

I recently paid a visit to local clothing store – Elppag which is situated in Durban right near the Bat centre and the Durban Youth Radio offices. The brand which was founded by Khethamahle Kweyama and specialises in creating one of a kind denim and leather pieces.

The brands unique name is a play on the words “Godly Apple” written in reverse which adds to the brands mysterious identity. Elppag turns 5 this year which is a great achievement for any local designer, by taking a look at the unique shirts,bags and even shoes at the store there is no denying that there is no compromise when it comes to quality and originality. The design team at Elppag are loved by locals for stocking limited edition pieces which for the most part reduces the chances of those “who wore it best?” moments in life.

One of the stand out attributes of the brand is that their pieces are classics and not trend centred unlike most stores , classic pieces always survive the era of trends and can be worn every season without the pressure of feeling your look is outdated and this is definitely why they have been able to enjoy longevity as a clothing brand.

My picks for the must have items are definitely the white three-quarter pants which are a great statement and perfect for any summer function and without a doubt one of their leather carry bags, which add a chic element to any outfit.

Support local and pay them a visit or give them a follow on Instagram @Elppagbrand.

Images courtesy of Bheki Mthembu – @Bheki_dablaqwonder

Model – Gloria Sukali

Written Zuki Kwata

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  1. The content tells a story, I love the work. S/O to you guys. Keep pushing. S/O to Bheki DablaqWonder Mthembu for being able to take photos that will represent the brand well. 📷❤

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